This page will cover parts removed from the car body.

I'll start with the last part I removed from the body.

The stater button is mounted to the floor in early cars and is a pushbutton style that carries full current to the starter.
Looks to be the original switch dated 11/59 cool so far the car has been kept very original I'll try to save this part as well.

The shaft is rusted tight to the body of the switch not sure if it will ever come out might have to drill it and make a new one.

Next I pried open the crimp that holds the switch halves together
to get a look at the insides.
Had some water in it a few times the little return spring in the background was rusted half away.

I managed to get the shaft out I broke the insulator on the contact ring getting it apart, I was able to make a new insulator with fiberglass and a large washer as a mold.

The new insulator material was drilled and countersunk for the rod and spring.

A trip to the local hardware store I found a return spring and a new knob.
Got the contacts polished up and parts sanded ready for some paint.

Painted up ready for reassembly

I tried to use sealer every where water could get in, I don't plan to drive in the rain but might get caught in it someday.

I put some sealer on the top then re crimped it back on

Another part ready to go in the done section.

Before pic

OK Next item is the Austin Badge for the front of the car.
The one that was on the car was not usable, so a fellow mini enthusiast and friend gave me a used one that needed repainting. Thanks Dave.
So a quick trip through the dishwasher when no one was looking, and it came out looking great almost all the old paint came off.

After a trip to the hobby shop for some paint, the repainting was started.
The fine details were done with a syringe to carefully place the gold and red paint, silver and black were brushed on.

The Result

Lots more to come check back