I decided to repair the original speedometer that was laying in the floor half full of water.

Here it is.

Disassembly begins to bad the face is ruined not sure what ill do about that at this point, I'll see how the rest cleans up.

Not looking good this is going to take some time

OK all apart

After some cleaning

Starting to reassemble

Now that it turned out nice what to do with the face?
I went and talked to a graphics and sign company about making a sticker or stencil for it, that proved to be more of a challenge than i thought it would be.
However the owner of the company talked about using the laser to to put the numbers back on the face.
So a photo was taken and converted to a file they could use, Then I stripped the face and had two coats of black powder coat put on.
Next I put just enough old English white base coat on to cover the black.
Then the graphics shop put the face on the laser engraver and adjusted the wattage to just burn through the base coat but not the thicker tougher black powder coat under it.
The results were excellent I cleared it to protect it form UV damage, and assembled.

here is the powder coat on the backside forgot to take a pic of the front befor painting.

The front after laser

Parts cleaned and layed out for assembly

Ford red engine paint seems to be a good match for the needle color

The indicator light colored plastic pieces crumbled upon disassembly.
My girlfriend found some little gem looking things at a craft store that almost match the originals perfectly, they were epoxied on the face and look great

Together again and it works too!